The INNOWWIDE pilot call aims to bring innovative European SMEs to the forefront of international markets by funding Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in cooperation with local stakeholders around the world, creating the conditions to increase the uptake of European innovative solutions in markets outside of Europe. The programme follows a bottom-up approach, with no specific topics to be addressed.

Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) are a comprehensive, balanced and coherent set of preliminary technical, market, legal and socioeconomic assessments intended to validate the viability of international, innovative businesses solutions along emerging global value chains. Projects should demonstrate a co-creation partnership with a local partner (subcontractor) – e.g. a supplier, customer, consultant, legal advisor, research and development provider, collaborator or absorber- from one VAP focus country. (Check:

The next call closes the 31 of May with a total budget available of 3,000,000 €. Each approved VAP will receive a fixed grant amount of €60,000, representing a maximum of 70% of total eligible project costs, which should be a minimum of €86,000. 50% will be disbursed at the beginning of the project. After 6 months, the beneficiary will be required to submit a VAP final report. Following approval of this report, the remaining 50% will be paid.

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