CINEA has published today May 11th the 2023 call for proposals for the LIFE Clean Energy transition sub-programme dedicated to funding:

  1. Development & demonstration of innovative techniques.
  2. Legislation and policy on climate action
  3. Solutions mobilising investment and finance.

These are 13 calls closing 16th November 2023 with a total budget of €99M and an astonishing funding rate of 95% of eligible cost. 

  1. LIFE-2023-CET-BETTERRENO Energy Performance of Buildings – Creating the conditions to make renovation faster, deeper, smarter, service- and data-driven (€11M)
  2. LIFE-2023-CET-BUILDSKILLS BUILD UP Skills – Upskilling and reskilling interventions enabling a decarbonised building stock and energy system integration (€6M)
  3. LIFE-2023-CET-BUSINESS Supporting the clean energy transition of European businesses (€6M)
  4. LIFE-2023-CET-DHC District heating and cooling: Enabling modernisation and fuel switch through support for investment plans and skills development (€6.5M)
  5. LIFE-2023-CET-ENERCOMFACILITY European Energy Communities Facility (€10M)
  6. LIFE-2023-CET-ENERPOV Alleviating household energy poverty and vulnerability in Europe (€6M)
  7. LIFE-2023-CET-EPREL Maximising use of and valorising EPREL data through innovative applications (€2.5M)
  8. LIFE-2023-CET-HEATPUMPS Boosting heat pump deployment through alternative models and skilled installers (€6.5M)
  9. LIFE-2023-CET-LOCAL Technical support to clean energy transition plans and strategies in municipalities and regions (€8M)
  10. LIFE-2023-CET-OSS Integrated services for clean energy transition in buildings and businesses (€15M)
  11. LIFE-2023-CET-PDA Project Development Assistance for sustainable energy investments (€7M)
  12. LIFE-2023-CET-POLICY Towards an effective implementation of key legislation in the field of sustainable energy ((€8M)

LIFE-2023-CET-PRIVAFIN Crowding in private finance (€6.5M)

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