Today we are going to have a glimpse to ECSEL program for projects in Electronic components and Systems, our experience and how we can help you in your application.

Operating since 2014, the ECSEL JU ( publishes several calls per year, increasing year after year their budget and thus, becoming the best EU opportunity for funding R&D&I projects with strong focus in technology.

Top-class companies and research organisations join in consortium putting together their  essential capabilities in smart systems, safety and security, cyber-physical systems, semi-conductors and equipment materials  to develop the most advanced projects in key application areas like: smart production, health, energy, society & mobility.

Soros Gabinete has led 2 projects to success in this program:

  • COMP4DRONES.   Coordinated by Indra altogether with Soros Gabinete, COMP4DRONES brings together 49 partners from 8 countries aiming to build an ecosystem that will support the systemization and safety of drone platforms, reliable communications, cost-efficient and safe design of drones. The overall project is  € 29 691 996,71.
  • FRACTAL .  Coordinated by IKERLAN altogether with Soros Gabinete, FRACTAL brings together 28 partners from 7 countries aiming to create a reliable computing node that will create a Cognitive Edge under industry standards. The overall project budget is  € 15 848 188,75.

Are you an EU company or organisation developing technological break-through innovations?

From Soros we will lead the application process, facilitating the creation of a strong consortium and shaping the project idea to fit the program´s requirements.

We continue working as experts consultants pushing technology to bring a real difference in our society.

Will you join us?

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