INCluSilver aims at supporting the collaboration between actors belonging to the different sectors, to create the right conditions for generating and validating innovative ideas in the field of personal nutrition for the silver population that have a great potential to reach the market.

The next open call is projected to open the next 15th of July 2019. With this call for financial support to third parties, Inclusilver will provide up to €60 000 per SME through innovation, IPR and travel vouchers, to support their innovative ideas addressing one of the 7 challenges, identified by the project, related to personal nutrition for the silver population. The Vouchers are categorized in different cathegories:

  • Scalability and Internationalization (max €20,000)
  • Demonstration (max €60,000)
  • Technology Transfer (max €20,000 €)
  • Economic feasibility Analysis (max €10,000)

Additionaly, the selected SMEs will benefit from additional innovation support services provided by the Inclusilver partners.

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