CINEA has recently announced that the LIFE Call for proposals 2023 will be published on as of Mid-April, while the calls for Clean energy transition are expected to be published as of Mid-May. The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. Expected opening and submission dates.

  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for circular economy and quality of life, nature and biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation sub-programmes:

Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

  • LIFE Action Grants for clean energy transition sub-programme:

Opening: Mid-May – Closing: Mid-November 2023

  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs):
    • Concept notes: Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023
    • Full proposals:  Closing: March 2024
  • LIFE Preparatory Projects (addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities – PLP):

Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

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